29 iulie 2023

O nouă fotografie de-a mea, sub lupa lui Brooks Jensen


Brooks' commentary

I've often said that photography (and art) is all about connections. We hope our photographs connect with the viewer in a way that brings understanding, the revelation of an "aha" moment, in short, a relationship. This can take many forms and most often we are hoping for emotional connection. But, not always! Sometimes the connection is literal, for example, the way the footprints in the snow in this image connect the power poles. There is even a subtle curve at the far end of the footprints that connect our eye to the horizontal line of trees in the background. All of this is fairly obvious from a strictly visual point of view.

This image has more to offer than this dominant line, however. A more mysterious metaphor exists if we recognize that the power poles are not connected with power lines! That's a detail that is easy to miss at first glance. What does it mean/say that the human connection of wandering footprints remains when the industrial straight-line forms are missing? Perhaps the allegory is that life prevails (human and the trees of nature) when the products of humankind do not? Maybe I'm reading too much into the symbolism here. The photograph is a compelling one, however, and is another example of why photographs are worth more attention than the quick glance and a swipe left.”