3 noiembrie 2010

Numărul 7 al revistei „qTp Magazine“...

...a comunităţii foto italiene omonime conţine un portofoliu cu fotografiile mele şi un mic interviu. Publicaţia se poate descărca direct (clic dreapta > Save Target As...), de aici.

1- Tell us a little about yourself.
I am 27 years old and I live in Magurele, Prahova county, Romania. I am a literature teacher and I am currently studying for my Ph.D. in literature. Photos and articles published in various Romanian and foreign publications, on paper and on the Internet. One of the most recent prizes  I won - and one of which I am the most proud - is a 3rd Prize and three Honorable Mentions at the International Photography Awards 2010. My site is andreibaciu.1x.com.

2- What are the pressures that push you to photograph?
Very good question. If you visit my site or my Romanian blog, you will see its motto, whose author is a Romanian artist: "While an art like literature seeks, through words, the Word, Photography reveals the Light within the Light - this is the premise of my visual expression endeavours.  Obssesively fascinated  by the power with which the photographical art bears testimony that the world is "good from the viewpoint of its purpose, beautiful as making, complex from the perspective of its existence and spiritual through its very materiality" (Horia Bernea), I do my best to acknowledge the assertion in the quote above."
Photography is a spiritual nourishment I can't simply resist without. Thus, I am able to say from my own experience that the soul has its own organs, which must be taken care of. Their particularity is that, unlike their physical homologues, they may well remain unnoticed unless the human whom God endowed with them accepts to become aware of them.

3- Work only in digital?
Yes, I work only with digital although I wish I had the chance to experiment with film. Sadly, I don't have a convenient acces to a quality film development laboratory. Maybe, some day...

4- Your favorite authors?
Wow, this is a difficult question to answer to, because there are virtually countless authors (photographers, painters, writers, composers etc) whose work I savor every day. Speaking of photographers, I am big fan of the Romanian photographer Silviu Ghetie. Years ago, when I started photgraphy, I was amazed by the way his photos were able to transmit so much meaning and poetry. I love the work of the masters too, especially Andre Kertesz'. From the painters, I would first name Vermeer, Nicolae Grigorescu and Monet. On the other hand, the greatest author, so to speak, Whose work I admire most :) is obviously God, the greatest Artist.

5- Light is an important component in your photographs, research or try to control what you think?
 The more I photograph, the more fascinated I become with light - natural, available light. I try to capture it as it comes. I don't like blitz light too much. I use it only rarely, and only subtlely. I find it too artificial although I have seen beautiful photographs with it. I just don't think it is for me.

6- Form and content, as the most important?
 From a certain point onwards, this dichotomy doesn't work anymore, because the form and the content are not independent. They form a mixture, and this is the work of art. Of course, at a primary level, the form identifies with the technique and, as any other artist, a photographer has to handle his tools very well, just like, in order to write a book, a writer has to know and to master the grammatical rules. The ideas in the book are the most important, but, if the writer isn't able to convey them properly, nobody will ever understand them.

7- What's the future?
 The future? I'm impaciently waiting for the Autumn to come. I'm simply mad about its misty and coloured landscapes.

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