7 noiembrie 2017

#130 (George Steiner: artă vs jurnalism; originalitate vs noutate)

„The temporalities of poetry, art and music are not only specific to themselves (music is, indeed, time made free of temporality). The text, the painting, the composition are wagers on lastingness. They embody the dur désir de durer (the harsh, demanding desire for durance‘). In a perfectly concrete sense, their deadlines are those of an unknown extension into the future. Serious art, music, writing is not interesting in the sense in which journalism must be. Its solicitation and governance of us are those of a patient necessity. The appeal of the text, of the work of art or music is, radically, disinterested. Journalism bids us invest in the bourse of momentary sensation. Such investment yields ‘interest‘ in the most pragmatic sense. The dividends of the aesthetic are, precisely, those of ‘disinterest‘, of a rebuke to opportunity. Above all, meaningful art, music, literature are not new, as is, as must strive to be, the news brought by journalism. Originality is antithetical to novelty. The etymology of the word alerts us. It tells of ‘inception‘ and of ‘instauration‘, of a return, in substance and in form, to beginnings. In exact relation to their originality, to their spiritual-formal force of innovation, aesthetic inventions are ‘archaic‘. They carry in them the pulse of the distant source.”

(George Steiner, Real Presences, The University of Chicago Press, 1989, pp. 27-28.)

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