2 martie 2008


Brooks Jensen, editorul revistei LensWork, cea mai bună publicaţie de fotografie alb-negru din lume:

"The way photography is mostly practiced today, with few exceptions, results in images that occupy one of the two camps:
Here is a significant event and I happened to be available to witness it (documentary, photojurnalism) and here is the best shot of it (editorial process).

All of you insensitive plebes might think this subject is not significant, but as a sensitive artíste I can attest that it is, and therefore I’m going to show you its significance via my photography and if you are anything but a dolt you’ll recognize my genius in observing it. (I told you I was in a cynical mood.)
This second category is dominant in today’s fine art photography. Worse, if examined closely, the true subject is – well, the photographer. We’ve succumbed to the cult of celebrity. Make weird, obtuse, bizarre artwork and become famous – for being weird, obtuse, or bizzare. I suspect that far too many non-artists wonder what the fuss is all about and think we artists are the weird ones – fine art photographers included. The emperor’s new clothes may, in fact, look a lot like a photo vest."

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