7 noiembrie 2009

#75 (photography ─ artmaking)

„Photography can be such a fun hobby. But, I find artmaking is completely different from a hobby. A hobby is a diversion, a vacation, a relaxation, pastime ─ i. e., a way to pass the time. Artmaking is a battle, a confrontation, a pursuit, a matter of the soul and survival, a passion, a pile of frustration and a grain of reward, an irresistible impulse, an addiction, a form of self-imposed insanity in a world that does not require me to make art at all. My art is, therefore, a great joy simply because it is of no use whatsoever to anyone at any time. In fact, if it had a great purpose, I would find it work.“ ─ Brooks Jensen, Letting Go of The Camera, LensWork Publishing, p. 133. Artă faci deci, adaug eu, pentru tine şi pentru Dumnezeu. Restul sunt doar lucruri de ordin secundar.

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